Innovation thrives within SF Marina and always has done. What would happen if one could
replace steel as reinforcement with something non-corrosive?

A couple of years ago we asked ourselves this question and a long process was started. After a couple of years of development, a patent was applied for covering a new production method using Basalt as reinforcement. Basalt is volcanic rock formed from the rapid cooling of lava. Basalt Rebar reinforcement is an alternative to steel for reinforcing concrete, basalt rebar is tough, stronger than steel and has a higher tensile strength. Basalt rebar is naturally resistant to alkali, rust and acids, therefore perfect for marine environments.

SF Marina today proudly offers two different product lines based on this new, patented, technology, SF Marina ProDock and SF Marina X-line. In both of these product lines the advantages of non-corrosive Basalt reinforcement are exploited to the limit, resulting in low weight, high freeboard, low transport costs and exceptional lifetime expectancy.