SF Marina, with its vast experience and innovative nature has a proven track record of building increasingly larger floating concrete structures. Our main production site in Wallhamn, with access to a deep-water quay is perfect for delivering custom built floating structures. We deliver onto geared vessels or onto submersible barges for transport anywhere.

When you think about floating structures, the only limit is your imagination. The world is full of remarkable examples that were built decades ago but the common denominator for all is the concrete structure. It is the only technology for a proven and long lasting floating solution. Special Solutions come in many formats – a floating sauna, floating boatshed, floating helipad, floating stage, terraces, over pass bridges and more. Every structure is supported by floating platform, which comes in different sizes and shapes.

SF Marina can build given geometries at a given freeboard, right off the drawing board. Floating houses, floating hotels, floating restaurants, diving platforms, cruise ship piers, event platforms, fuel stations, ferry landings, fish farms… all of these have already been made.


We offer a variety of decking options with our pontoons. Wood is the most traditional of all the decking materials, SF Marina is using a treated timber adapted for marine applications. In recent years some manufactures have made more composite flooring options available. Composites are made largely made of recycled plastic products formed into panels similar in size and thickness of wood.

The gangway is the connection between the land and any floating structure and takes up the difference between high and low tide. Being a stiff construction, the fastening points need to deal with the motion of a floating structure on one hand, and a fixed land fundament in the other, as well as tidal differences. SF Marina supplies gangways in galvanized steel and in aluminium. Lengths range from 4-meters up to 30-meters. Widths range from 1,2-meters to 10-meters. Gangway shall be stable to go on, the default width is 1.2-meter. A 4-meter gangway can function without railing but 6-meter and 8-meter times country should have one or two rails. Custom designs are available.

Mooring fingers
Mooring a boat between mooring fingers is indisputably the most convenient and safest mooring choice available. It allows for easy docking with a minimum of crew. The SF Marina range of mooring fingers covers fingers in galvanized steel, aluminium and concrete, in lengths ranging from 4,5 up to 20-meters length. For larger yachts, SF Marina recommends the use of walkable fingers. Concrete fingers are the ultimate solution.

Modern marina life requires a vast amount of utilities to be available by the mooring slips. Designing the pontoons from the very beginning with this in mind allows for efficient solutions to these challenges to be cast in. A proper solution for utilities distribution should be safe, easy to maintain and enhance the beauty of the marina environment.
Ducts for water and electricity

In the final design stages, it is important to equip the pontoons with all cast in material. For instance, adding a 5-ton cleat requires the fastenings, always done with stainless steel fittings, to be sufficiently reinforced to withstand the full 5-ton load. Females for fastening lampposts or other equipment are better cast in than mounted post casting. By choosing SF Marina as your supplier you can benefit from decades of experience on how to design your project and be confident everything is designed to work.

Safety equipment
On a floating pier, there is always a risk of someone falling into the water. When this happens safety equipment such as ladders hooks and buoys placed in the right places significantly reduces the hazard. SF Marina can assist you in finding the correct equipment and designing your project with the safety aspect in mind from the very beginning.