SF Marina System AB βασίζεται στο Γκέτεμποργκ της Σουηδίας με θυγατρικές σε περισσότερες από είκοσι χώρες, που αποτελεί ένα παγκόσμιο δίκτυο των αντιπροσώπων που πωλούν τα προϊόντα, μερικά από αυτά, επίσης, την κατασκευή με άδεια.


Today, SF Marina System AB and its affiliates have completed over 1500 installations since 1983.
The company is familiar with and has completed installations in climatic conditions ranging from North of the Arctic Circle to the Tropics. The company’s premier products are the full concrete floating pontoons in various sizes, which we can then match with different types of finger piers for many applications.
In the vast majority of cases (over 90%) our pontoons are installed on mooring systems of chains and anchors which are designed specifically for the site conditions. Our chain mooring systems are being successfully used in daily tidal ranges of twenty feet with higher annuals and storm conditions.
Operating in more than 56 countries SF Marina has delivered more than 1000 marina references worldwide.