Seaward Marine adds new tug dock

Workboat piers see heavy use, so when Norfolk, Virginia USA-based Seaward Marine Corporation needed to expand its docking capacity, it chose a state-of-the-art SF Marina floating concrete solution. The 80m structure will accommodate the company’s seven-boat fleet of tow and tug vessels located in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Seaward Marine is no stranger to SF Marina, having worked together on installations and inspections for many years. ”SF Marina puts out a superior product,” said Michael Trautman, Seaward Marine Corporation president, ”so when it came time for us to expand, it was an easy decision to make.”

Engineered for commercial ports, SF 1250 floating concrete pontoons deliver uncompromising strength and durability for a long lifespan. With its largest vessel being a 31m tug with 3,900 hp, these characteristics were of vital importance to Seaward Marine.

Virtually unsinkable, the SF 1250 floating concrete pontoons offer over 550kg/m² of buoyancy and extreme stability. At 5m wide with staggered internal 61cm pile guides with safety covers and 10-ton cleats, the dock offers ample room to service the Seaward Marine fleet. Integrated utility conduits contain 50/100/240/480A power and dual water supplies: standard pedestal service and 6.4cm piping to fill the tugs’ potable water tanks.

Because of their intimate familiarity with SF Marina products, Seaward Marine installed the dock. ”We’re extremely happy with the dock,” said Trautman, ”especially considering the routine heavy-duty industrial use we put it through.” SF 1250 floating concrete pontoons feature stainless steel fittings and extra-strong coupling wells to make installation straightforward. While the Seaward Marine dock is straight, these attributes allow builders to design and construct virtually unlimited configurations.

The pontoons for the Seaward Marine project were made in SF Marina Systems’ Norfolk, Virginia production facility and towed by water to the installation location. SF Marina has six precast manufacturing locations across the globe and a robust delivery network to keep construction
schedules on time and logistics expenses low.

For over 25 years, the Seaward Marine Corporation has provided a wide range of marine services including heavy construction, dredging, and mixed gas and deep air diving. Its fleet of tug and tow boats supports its operations throughout the US East Coast. Its website is