Sweden has a long and beautiful coastline with some 60,000 islands scattered throughout a number of widespread and highly distinctive archipelagos. Small tidal ranges and numerous sheltered bays provide ideal conditions for marinas. Although most of the docks in Sweden were built in the 1960s and 1970s using treated timber piles with wooden decking, concrete pontoons are the more popular choice when building new marinas or refurbishing existing marinas as they require less maintenance.

The sheltered bay at Fiskebäck, located in Gothenburg’s southern archipelago, has both a marina with over 900 berths and the largest landing site for fishing vessels in Sweden. Fiskebäck is also widely recognised as an excellent place to windsurf. In 2019, when marina owners were looking to replace two aging piled wooden docks, they enlisted SF Marina to design and manufacture new, concrete pontoons. With the flexibility of pontoons, both in configuring berths and allowing non-opposing fingers, SF Marina managed to optimise space in the basin, adding a further 50 income-generating berths at little extra cost.

  • SF Marina has design and manufacture new concrete pontoons