SF Marina, with its vast experience and innovative nature has a proven track record of building increasingly larger floating concrete structures. Our main production site in Wallhamn, with access to a deep-water quay is perfect for delivering custom built floating structures. We deliver onto geared vessels or onto submersible barges for transport anywhere.

When you think about floating structures, the only limit is your imagination. The world is full of remarkable examples that were built decades ago but the common denominator for all is the concrete structure. It is the only technology for a proven and long lasting floating solution. Special Solutions come in many formats – a floating sauna, floating boatshed, floating helipad, floating stage, terraces, over pass bridges and more. Every structure is supported by floating platform, which comes in different sizes and shapes.

SF Marina can build given geometries at a given freeboard, right off the drawing board. Floating houses, floating hotels, floating restaurants, diving platforms, cruise ship piers, event platforms, fuel stations, ferry landings, fish farms… all of these have already been made.

We have been creating access to the sea for a century now, to a wide range of different needs. They are the floating pontoons in your well-sheltered marina, they are the ferry landing you commute from, they are the commercial jetty where your fish is landed and they are the floating breakwater protecting your harbour. We have completed thousands of floating docks and breakwaters worldwide.

Over the last century, our products have figured in almost all floating applications one can think of, always with safety, function and durability being the paramount design criteria for the development process. Approach us with any idea, large or small, and we will share with you our vast experience. At SF Marina, development is as fundamental as it is ever ongoing. This is how we expand the boundaries of our world.


The coastline is always a very sensitive environment to operate in. In-depth knowledge of local phenomena and local conditions are fundamental when designing and building a floating installation.
Your local SF Marina representative has all the experience of the SF Marina worldwide network to benefit from when aiding you in designing your floating project, large or small. Today you can find a local SF Marina representative in more than 30 countries.

Environmental responsibility demands that we question our environmental impact every day, how to perform transports, installations and anchoring in the most sustainable way. Prolonging the lifetime of our products is yet another very important way for SF Marina to reduce the impact on the environment.


SF MARINA is a member of Blue Marine Foundation and support their work. The Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE) is a charity dedicated to creating marine reserves and establishing sustainable models of fishing. BLUE is working to solve the crisis in the oceans through providing innovative solutions to overfishing and enabling the creation of marine reserves. Although BLUE is a small NGO, it punches above its weight, having achieved a tremendous amount for the oceans in a short time. Read more at: www.bluemarinefoundation.com