SF Marina, with its vast experience and innovative nature has a proven track record of building increasingly larger floating concrete structures. Our main production site in Wallhamn, with access to a deep-water quay is perfect for delivering custom built floating structures. We deliver onto geared vessels or onto submersible barges for transport anywhere.

When you think about floating structures, the only limit is your imagination. The world is full of remarkable examples that were built decades ago but the common denominator for all is the concrete structure. It is the only technology for a proven and long lasting floating solution. Special Solutions come in many formats – a floating sauna, floating boatshed, floating helipad, floating stage, terraces, over pass bridges and more. Every structure is supported by floating platform, which comes in different sizes and shapes.

SF Marina can build given geometries at a given freeboard, right off the drawing board. Floating houses, floating hotels, floating restaurants, diving platforms, cruise ship piers, event platforms, fuel stations, ferry landings, fish farms… all of these have already been made.

Examples of special pontoons

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Service buildings
Floating Service Buildings are economical to purchase, do not use up valuable land and have low life cycle costs. Intelligent Floating Platform is maintenance-free, does not harm the seabed or marine life and lasts for at least 50 years.

A modern marina must offer more than just berths and variety of Floating Solutions and other essential structures – such as utility and service buildings – can be used to add valuable amenities. Floating club houses, cafés and office buildings are popular choices for marina operators and other on-site providers, such as customs and coastguard. It is universally accepted that centralising revenue-creating operations has a positive impact on marina revenues and Marina Service Buildings are examples of the turnkey solutions offered in the ‘all-inclusive integrated marina’.

Fuel stations
Our fuel pontoons are developed in cooperation with experienced specialists. They are available as either pontoons with built in fuel tanks or as floats prepared for pumps installed on the pontoon and the fuel tanks on land. Our fuel stations are approved according to the latest requirements. Contact us for more information on how we can help with designing your tank pontoon for optimum utilization.

Helicopter and seaplane platforms
Seaplanes are an excellent way of transporting people and goods between large cities, along coastal routes and to and from remote islands or inland lakes. Landing stages for seaplanes are designed to be easily adjusted for each particular location and to meet the needs of the operator company. Apart from the floating pontoon itself, which is always assembled from standard pontoons, all related equipment is specially designed for seaplanes and their users. All safety equipment, soft fenders, ‘in deck’ service utilities, lighting, bridges and mooring systems are fully customised in order to meet the very strict regulations required both by Civil Aviation Agency and local Port Authorities. Seaplane stations are very good examples of flexibility in developing truly tailor-made products.

Floating houses
Floating houses are unique solutions for year-round living, as a workplace or for a second home. Living in a floating home is a stylish life choice and if you love the sea, you will love the floating house. Construction is environmentally bullet proof, with no negative impact on the seabed or marine life. Intelligent Floating Platform lasts for more than 50 years and is maintenance-free.

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