Hinsholmen’s marina, in western Gothenburg, was originally constructed in 1966 with space for 600 boats. A decade later, it was expanded to accommodate an additional 850. Today, the marina, managed by the municipal company Grefab (Göteborgsregionens Fritidshamnar AB), offers a total of 1,550 berths. Grefab oversees as many as 7,300 berths at several marinas in the Gothenburg area. The marina at Hinsholmen features fixed wooden docks and is protected by a wooden palisade. Grefab has long intended to replace the aging structure. Following geotechnical investigations, however, it was determined that a conventional bottom-founded construction was not feasible due to the depth and type of ground conditions.

Partnering with SF Marina, Grefab launched a project to replace the old palisade with a state-of-the-art floating breakwater. This new structure is designed to offer better protection against wind-generated waves and the wake wash from passing high-speed ferries. The floating breakwater is 230 metres long, made up of twelve pontoons connected in series. Ten pontoons are 20 metres long and two are 15 metres long, all with a width of 5 metres. This breakwater is equipped to accommodate a future starting tribunal, fingers, and utilities like water and power. It is securely anchored using 610 mm steel piles and built to withstand a steady wind of 25 m/s over a 4-kilometre fetch. Designed and manufactured by SF Marina in Wallhamn, Sweden, the new breakwater was deployed and opened in 2024.

  • Ten pontoons are 20 metres long and two are 15 metres long, all with a width of 5 metres