Marina on Swedish Riviera Rebuilds

Often called the Swedish Riviera, Skanör is known for its sandy beaches, rows of colorful cottages and extensive boating opportunities. Located just south of Malmö on the extreme southwestern tip of the country, local marina Skanörs Hamn needed to reconfigure with something that would both increase its capacity and tame the rolling seas generated by the occasional 21mps northerly breeze. It chose to rebuild with a state-of-the-art floating concrete dock array from industry leader SF Marina.

Prior to the reconstruction, Skanörs Hamn had two main piers with Mediterranean-style mooring and space for additional boats along the harbor basin wall. The docking process was overly burdensome to boat owners, especially for those with outboard engines who found it challenging to safely board and disembark their vessels.

The new Skanörs Hamn configuration is comprised of four main jetties. One jetty 50m L x 3.25m W uses SF1230 floating concrete pontoons. The remaining are series SF1030 pontoons: 50m, 52m and 55m L x 3.25m W. Installer SF Pontona Sweden AB added finger docks and Y-boom fingers with floats to accommodate approximately 120 boats. The pontoons are secured with 200mm and 400mm piles.

SF Marina floating steel-reinforced concrete pontoons are virtually unsinkable and have a low center of gravity, making the docks extremely stable. A unique connection system allows the individual pontoons to dilute loads generated by wave action or bumps from heavy vessels. The pontoons include integrated utility ducts for power and water.

In addition to the main dock array, SF Pontona Sweden AB also delivered and installed a dinghy dock on the quay adjacent to the launch ramp. It further removed the chain and concrete block anchoring of a smaller dock it had added several years ago and replaced it with piles. Just 19km from Malmö and 22 from Denmark, Skanörs Hamn offers recreational boat owners and caravanners access to the scenic Øresund strait and neighboring natural areas. A short walk to town provides easy access to shops, restaurants and historic sites. Its website is

Skanör marina