Famed Fort Lauderdale Pier 66 Reconfigure with SF Marina

Fort Lauderdale, Florida’s Pier Sixty-Six Hotel and Marina is synonymous with the yachting lifestyle. Owner Tavistock Development Company has begun a major transformation of the property, starting with a new state-of-the-art SF Marina floating concrete superyacht dock for its Pier South location.

As visiting superyachts became ever larger over the years, the existing fixed dock located south of the 17th Street Bridge became problematic. Its curved design limited the size of vessel that could tie-up. Plus, it was quite narrow, making serving the boats difficult.

For the first phase of the Pier South renovation, Ebsary Foundation Company installed 134m of SF Marina Type 2060 floating pontoons.
Their 6m width and 0.9m freeboard easily accommodate superyachts up to 350’ on the main berth. The structure is secured with 76cm diameter steel piles within HDPE sleeves, offset to enable two-way golf cart traffic on the dock. Other superyacht-oriented features include a double row of composite timber rub rails and oversized 15- and 25-ton ship bollards.

Manufactured in Sweden, the dock sections for Pier South were transported by cargo ship to Port Everglades, Florida. A video of the pontoons being offloaded is at here. With a global network of offices and production locations, no project is too distant for SF Marina.