Tunnel Project Tugs Tie up on Floating Pier

The 11-mile Femern Link tunnel will connect the Danish island of Lolland with the German island of Fehmarn, reducing travel time from 45 minutes by ferry to a mere 10 minutes, and seven by electric rail. SF Marina is playing an important role in this ambitious five-year development by supplying floating concrete dock pontoons for the project’s tugboat pier.

The 215m pier is comprised of ten 20m x 10m SF1850 floating concrete pon.toons and one 15m-long center section with a 28° end. This allows the array to gently angle away from the stone breakwater for double-sided docking.

Heavy-duty SF1850 series pontoons are designed to handle the rigors of commercial use. Virtually unsinkable, they offer approximately 970kg/m2 of buoyancy yet are extremely stable. SF Marina W400 Connectors deliver 2×105 tons per joint of breaking strength. Internal corner pile guides allow the pier to maintain its 1m freeboard while 21 aluminum bull bollards provide ample tie up locations. Eight rescue ladders and three ring buoy/fire extinguis.her pedestals help ensure worker safety.

The concrete pontoons were made at SF Marina’s Wallhamn, Sweden facility and transported to the site by truck. The company has six precast manufacturing locations across the globe and a robust delivery network to keep construction schedules on time and logistics expenses low.

Strengthening links between Scandinavia and Central Europe, the Femern Link tunnel is Denmark’s largest infrastructure project. It is part of a growing green traffic corridor throughout Europe. The project’s website is www.femern.com.