Swedish Archipelago Gets New SF Marina harbor

With over 24,000 islands to explore, the Stockholm Archipelago is a Swedish boating paradise. To accommodate the growing demand for a recreational guest marina in an area that had been without, the Värmdö Municipality built one at Stavsnäs Vinterhamn. Featuring an SF Marina floating concrete breakwater and walkway, phase one has opened and transformed the idyllic setting into a hub of yachting activity.

Protecting the investment was an important aspect of the project. A 70m breakwater was installed using SF Marina SFBW 400 floating pontoons. With a track record second-to-none, these wave attenuators have survived brutal storms the world over. Built of double-reinforced concrete, they’re virtually unsinkable. Each section is connected with an energy-absorbing coupling system that distributes stress during heavy wave action.

SF Marina’s SF 1030 concrete pontoons were chosen for the 120m dock walkway. Extremely stable due to their low center of gravity, the sections feature a modest 0.5m freeboard. WM-Bommen fingers from 6m to 10m long accommodate a wide range of boats at the 70-slip facility. The main walkway has integrated ducts that feed the El-Björn power pedestals; slips also feature freshwater hookups and free WiFi.

The breakwater and walkway were built on the other side of the country at SF Marina’s Wallhamn, Sweden facility and transported to the site by barge. Because of their modular design, installation is faster than traditional wooden or poured concrete structures.

Stavsnäs Vinterhamn (winter harbor) is an important public and freight transportation hub between the Swedish mainland and archipelago islands. The new recreational marina features a pumpout, harbor office, store, repair center, shower facilities and increased parking area with residential housing planned. Phase two of the marina project will begin in spring 2022. The website is bit.ly/vinterhamn.