Krynica Morska is a popular seaside resort on the Vistula Lagoon on the Baltic coast. Its beautiful sandy beaches and charming array of restaurants, taverns, ice-cream shops, and families of wild pigs, attract thousands of tourists every year. The development of Krynica Morska as a seaside destination dates back to 1840, when five wealthy merchants acquired two steamboats to ferry holidaymakers across the lagoon. The lagoon is roughly 90 kilometres long and 13 kilometres wide, and up to 5 metres deep. A narrow sand dune, the Vistula Spit, separates it from the Baltic Sea. Following the Second World War, the lagoon was divided between the USSR and Poland, restricting the movements of Polish yachts through the Pilawa Strait into the Gdańsk Bay. However, a new canal, completed in 2022, now allows yachts free passage into the lagoon.

The municipal Krynica Morska Port is divided by a 165-metre-long passenger-ship pier. To the west lies the old harbour and to the east is the new harbour, constructed between 2012 and 2014. The new harbour features three small basins with floating pontoons, providing 85 berths. A new breakwater was completed in 2015. However, the port operator, the Maritime Office in Gnydia, recognised the need for further infrastructure upgrades in 2023. Collaborating with SF Marina Poland, it embarked on a project to replace the existing infrastructure with state-of-the-art floating concrete pontoons. The seven new pontoons have a total length of 140 metres and measure 2–2.5 metres wide. Securely anchored to existing piles via adjustable cable roller pile guides, they adapt to water-level fluctuations, which can reach extremes of up to 1.85 metres above mean sea level.

  • Seven new pontoons have a total length of 140 metres and measure 2–2.5 metres wide