SF Marina reveals new ten-metre-wide floating breakwater

“The SF Marina BW1000 is our first really wide floating breakwater. Everything about it has been designed and engineered with endurance in mind. As a world-renowned expert in the development of new and existing marinas, SF Marina is determined to also protect locations exposed to long, large waves. SF Marina delivers premium marinas that are great to own and berth in,” says Michael Sigvardsson, SF Marina chief executive.

The SF Marina BW1000 is ten metres wide and three metres high and can be assembled into unlimited lengths. The solid cast design of the structure, weighing 250 tonnes, combined with its width and depth, allow the system to protect harbours that experience waves that are larger and longer. The system can be moored using heavy chain and concrete anchors or steel piles. Produced at SF Marina’s production facility in Sweden, it can be delivered to anyone, anywhere, who is planning to build a marina.

For SF Marina, floating breakwaters and concrete pontoons underpin the entire marina experience. With minimal interference with water circulation and fish migration, they enable marinas to be developed in water depths in excess of six metres. They also benefit from a low profile, which is important in areas with large tidal ranges, and they can easily be reconfigured into new layouts should the need arise.

The SF Marina BW1000 will make its first public appearance at the new Kajen marina in Skärhamn, on the west coast of Sweden, in March 2020.

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